Over 80% of Canadians use the Internet and the majority prefer to complete surveys online rather than over the phone. Having anticipated this evolution of data collection methods, Leger assembled the largest panel of Internet users in Canada in 2004, with over 400,000 representative and active members. This distinctive advantage allows Leger to better control the quality and accuracy of its surveys and to deliver real-time results.

Leger has also developed a unique approach to engage and retain panel members. Leveraging our expertise in IT, polling and customer satisfaction, we use the latest available technologies to optimize the online experience.

We are the sole owners of our panel, and are easily capable of profiling and contacting our members.

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Your ideas and your lifestyle contribute to the evolution of our society on a daily basis. For over 30 years, thousands of studies conducted by Leger have identified consumer trends and influenced decision making. Today, Leger offers you a single portal to voice your views. Seize the opportunity to make a difference in your world. Register today.

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Leger Happiness Index

The LHI is a new way to qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate the general mindsets of populations and compare them to one another. We start with the premise that all individuals are consciously or unconsciously in search of a situation that closely resembles their vision of happiness; which varies depending on values, knowledge and feelings?from one individual to the next. Ultimately, the LHI evaluates impressions and perceptions that people have of their own state or situation.

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